MRRH provides the following range of patient care:

  • Emergency Services
  • In-patient Services
  • Operation Services
  • Outpatient Services
  • Clinical Laboratory Services
  • Blood Transfusion Services
  • Ultra-sound and Radio-Diagnostic Services
  • Forensic Services
  • Community Health Services
  • Rehabilitative Services
  • Tele-medicine Services
  • Patient Referral Services
  • Indigenous Medical (Traditional) Services

Emergency department

The Emergency Department is located in the ground floor of the hospital and operates on 24 hours throughout the year. It is manned by a dedicated team of doctors and nursing professionals who are assisted by support staffs. The department caters to any person who is afflicted with acute conditions, such as injuries, poisonings, and medical and surgical conditions needing immediate medical interventions supported by laboratory and other diagnostic services.

Inpatient department services

All in-patient facilities are housed within the hospital complex.
The in-patient facility includes:

  • General Ward for Surgery, Medicine, Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Eye, ENT, Maternity Ward,
  • Birthing Center,
  • Dialysis Unit,
  • Private Cabins (Non-functional as of now)
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Adult & Pediatrics Intensive Care Units
  • Patient admission

Patient admission is effected through either the Emergency Department or the outpatient clinics of the respective doctors. Once admitted into the wards, the patients are followed through by the treating specialists on a daily basis complemented by round the clock monitoring by the nursing professionals. Discharge of the patients from the wards is based on the recommendation of the treating doctor.

Patient diet
The hospital provides patient diet, both general diet and therapeutic diet, free of cost to all the inpatients and is supervised by the Dietician.

Dialysis unit

This unit provides lifesaving Hemodialysis to kidney failure patients waiting for kidney transplant or those who cannot undergo the transplant. There are 4 hemodialysis machines manned by a team of well dedicated staff.

Private cabins
Not yet open

Operation services

The hospital has 4 state-of-art Operating Rooms, out of which 4 are currently in operation. The Operating doctors, backed up by a team of Nurse Anaesthetist, OT Nurses, and CSSD and other support staffs provide both elective and emergency operation services

The elective operation schedule for various departments is as follows:

Days Department
Monday Gynae/Obstetrics & Ophthalmology
Tuesday ENT & Orthopedic
Wednesday Surgical
Thursday Gynae/Obstetrics
Friday Orthopedic & Surgical
Saturday Washing and emergency cases only

All minor operation procedures including wound suturing and dressing are done in the Minor OT located in emergency ward.

Outpatient Department Services

The Outpatient Department provides consultations for all specialties, laboratory and diagnostic tests and dispensation of medications on a daily basis.

Outpatient department registration
The main registration Counter is located on the ground floor in the lobby complex. The Issuance of OPD token for various departments begins at 08.45 AM on each day at this counter and issuance of token closes at about quarter to 03.00PM on weekdays and quarter to 01.00 PM on Saturdays.
Outpatient department timing

With the exception of Sundays and public holidays, the OPD operates from 09.00AM to 03.00PM on weekdays and from 09.00AM to 01.00PM on Saturdays.

Clinical Laboratory Services
The Clinical laboratory Department is equipped with state-of-art laboratory equipments to carry out diverse tests, such as haematology, biochemistry, clinical microbiology, immunology, bacteriology, parasitology, serology, cytology, histopathology, and hormone or tumor marker assays. The laboratory is located on – 1 floor of the hospital building.

Laboratory Services for OPD Patient

The Laboratory remains open throughout the official working hours. The Sample Collection Counter, which is located on the ground floor of the hospital, operates from 09.00 AM to 11.30 noon. The laboratory investigation reports are provided four hours after sample collection on the same day. Some laboratory tests require a few days to be completed.
The laboratory reports may be collected from the Laboratory Report Collection counter located on the ground floor of the building at 1.00 pm onwards on the same day.

Laboratory services for inpatient and emergency unit

The laboratory operates 24×7 services for the Inpatient and Emergency departments. The laboratory samples are collected by the Laboratory technicians from the respective wards and units. The test reports are dispatched directly to the respective wards and units.

Blood Transfusion Services

The Blood Bank is located on the -1 floor of the hospital is well equipped with latest equipments to provide all blood transfusion. The Blood Bank operates on 24 x 7 basis.

Imaging and Radio-diagnostic Services

The Radio-Diagnostics unit provides the following services:

Radiological Services

The Radiology Unit, located on the ground floor, is equipped with both digital X-ray and conventional machines with fluoroscopic capabilities.The routine X-rays for the OPD patients are carried out daily from 09.00AM to 02.45 PM on weekdays and from 09.00AM to 12.45PM on Saturdays. For the inpatients and Emergency department patients the services are provided 24 hrs a days. Some X-ray procedures, such as Intravenous Urography (IVU) and Hysterosalpingography (HSG) require some preparations and are done through appointment only.

Ultrasonography Services

The Ultrasonography unit is located on the OPD block and is equipped with conventional as well as Color Doppler ultrasound machines. The ultrasonography for the OPD patients is conducted daily. For urgent cases from the inpatient and emergency departments, the ultrasonography is done whenever requested by the treating doctor.
Ultra-sound services for pregnant women of Gyalposhing and Yadi BHU are provided monthly by team from Monggar.

Forensic Services

The hospital provides forensic services. Forensic unit which was established is currently located on the ground floor of the OPD block.
The services provided by the unit include:

  • Clinical forensic casework’s, such as evaluations of domestic violence, sexual violence, poisonings, drug abuse, injuries, etc.
  • Forensic pathological casework including medico-legal death investigations,
  • Basic forensic laboratory services related to sexual violence, and drug abuse,
  • Provision of information on medico-legal and social support mechanisms to the victims of abuse.

Community Health Services

The Community Health Unit is located in the OPD block. The unit is engaged in the provision of childhood immunization, family planning, ante-natal and post natal check up for pregnant and lactating mothers respectively to the population of Monggar town as well as the adjoining communities through its outreach clinics. The unit is also engaged in imparting education on health promotion and disease prevention. The unit also provides counseling on HIV/AIDs.

Rehabilitative Health Care Services

The Physiotherapy unit is located on the -1 floor. The unit equipped with trained professionals and equipments. It provides rehabilitative and restorative services to patients of trauma and natural diseases. It operates both outpatient and inpatient physiotherapy sessions.

Additional Services

In addition to the general clinical services as outlined in the foregoing sections, hospital also provides the following services:

Special Procedures

General Surgeon on Tuesday and Thursday
Colposcopy Obstetrics and Gynecology Department for gynecological investigations

Provided by medical specialist and pediatrician assisted by Staff Nurse
Dental Procedures Department provides specialized dental procedures in prosthodontics and pedodontics

Steam Therapy The Drungtsho/sMenpa provided steam bath (Therapy) to the patients on 6th floor

Nutrition and Dietetic Clinic

This clinic is run by trained dieticians and diabetes Nurse to provide advice on diet and nutrition patients suffering from diabetes, renal diseases, hypertension, and other life-style related ailments.
Telemedicine Services

The hospital is connected through the telemedicine connection with district hospitals and other higher centre for regular exchange of information and expertise on patient care. This service is also utilized for continuing medical education programme for the clinical staffs. The unit is functioning with one ICT personnel.

Patient Referral Services

The patients are referred to JDWNRH for specialist services, which are not available in ERRH and needed further treatment.

Out-Reached Services
Comprehensive School Health: The health teams tentatively consisting of Dental/EYE/ENT Technicians including Medical Officer are visiting annually to provide the services to schools and communities under Monggar Dzongkhag. The team also provides the services to the Gomdey and sherdras.
RHU: The ORC service is conducted once in a month under Monggar gewog. They also carry out the household survey annually.
Traditional Medicine: The Drungtsho & sMenpa visit the BHUs & Gomdey/Sherdras to provide the traditional medicine to the communities under Monggar Dzongkhag annually.
Specialist visit to District Hospital: The specialists of MRRH visit twice a year to the 6 eastern dzongkhag hospitals to provide the specialty services.
Ultrasound services: Ultrasound services provided monthly to Yadi, Chaskhar, Thangrong at Yadi BHU and at Gyelposhing BHU.