17th September is observed globally as patient safety day. We at ERRH also has observed the day with a CME to our staff.

The theme for the day as pronounced by WHO this year is ‘safe maternal and new born care: act now for safe and respectful child birth’. The theme is apt for the burden that we have in Bhutan and globally in relation to maternal and child health. As per WHO, 810 women and 6700 new born die every day around the time of child birth. The stillbirth corresponds to 2 million babies every year and as high as 40% occurs during labor. The magnanimity of problem is huge.
Here in our country, all possible actions are taken to achieve SDG goal 3 under the stewardship of ministry of health. We are mostly on track as per WHO. However, we still have room for improvement.
This CME on this very day will not only help built our staff’s competency but it will go a long way in improving our services to this group of people. We would also request all to come forward and get the services like 8 ANC visits during pregnancy’s, PNC, immunization, family planning, institutional deliveries etc.. We would also like to request you all to help advocate to people about this services and help save lives!! Palden Drukpa Gyelo!!!