Traditional Medicine, also known as Sowa-Rigpa is an old traditional medical system that has been practiced for thousands of years and is heavily influenced by Buddhist philosophy. “Sowa Rigpa”, means the knowledge and science of healing. “Sowa” means to heal imbalances, and “Rigpa” means the knowledge or science of a particular subject. 

Traditional Medicine practitioners use the three diagnostic methods (observing, palpating & inquiring) to examine the patient. The treatment consists of behavioral & dietary modifications, medications and physical therapies.

The Traditional Medicine Department of MRRH collaborates with other allopathic health professionals to promote health care and to provide quality services as per the national policies. The department also serves as a referral center in the east. Presently, the department is manned by three Drungtshos, three sMenpas and two therapy aides.

Fundamental Principle of Traditional Medicine
​The fundamental principle of Traditional medicine is that the body, disease, and treatment all share common principles and are comprised of the five elements, (earth, fire, water, air, and space). This approach recognizes that everything in the universe – plants, animals, and human beings including all our body tissues, internal organs, skin, skeletal system and even emotions, are composed of these five elements. Each one of them plays a major role, both individually and in combination as aspects of all matter. 
The five elements maintain reciprocal relationships. When they stay in balance, it results in a healthy body, speech, and mind. However, if any one of these elements becomes out of balance, either excess, deficient, or disturbed, not only does the affected element manifest disharmony, but also it will cause the rest of the elements to lose their balance and manifest particular syndromes or symptoms. Since each individual disease is caused by disharmony or disturbances in one of the five elements, the treatment principle is to balance the elements through various treatment methods.


The major goal of the Traditional Medicine Service:

  1. Maintaining a healthy constitution through balancing as an overall preventative approach
  2. Providing treatment methods for sick people
  3. Aiding in longevity
  4. Assisting those who want to be successful in their physical body, emotional and spiritual fields.


  1. To provide prompt & efficient services
  2. To provide safe & effective treatment with compassion

Services Provided

  1. Medicines: 
  1. Oral medication
  2. Cough syrups
  3. Ointment
  4. Therapy Services:
  1. Bloodletting
  2. Needle Therapy (gold & silver)
  3. Moxibustion
  4. Cupping (dry & wet cupping)
  5. Oil Compression
  6. Herbal Steaming 
  7. Steam Bath & Herbal Bath
  8. Nasal Cleansing
  9. Minor Massaging
  10. Basic Counseling 
  1. Sorig Zhiney & Luejong Service
  2. Urinalysis