Diet is an important and integral part of curative and preventive healthcare management. Hospital dietary service is responsible for providing meals and nutrition care and counseling to the patients. A well-balanced diet plays an important role in the treatment and recovery.

Our dietary services make every effort to provide with prepared nutritious and appetizing meals. Together, the initial and ongoing dietary education to patients and attendant is part of it. The meals are served based on their requirement.

Dietary services in Eastern Regional Hospital, Mongar involve three categories:

  1. Medical nutrition therapy
  2. Food service management &
  3. Research


  • To provide better medical nutrition therapy and hospital food service, for patients
  • To provide healthy, hygienic, therapeutic diet to help patients to recover fast

Role of Dietary services  

  • To maintain good nutritional status of all patients
  • To educate patients on how diet plays an important role in the treatment of various diseases
  • To modify the regular diet pattern of patients to meet their requirements during various diseased condition
  • To prevent malnutrition especially in patients with prolonged hospital stay like cancer and critical care unit patients
  • Diet therapy in most instances is not a remedy in itself but it is a measure which help and make the medical and surgical treatment more effective
  • To take care of dietary needs of patients every day. There are different types of diet being served based on their nutritional screening and nutritional assessment done by the Dietician