The department aims to provide quality care to all patients.  Currently there are two ENT surgeons and two technicians to provide all routine and emergency services including all surgeries.

With the joining of Bhutanese ENT surgeon in February 2022 a lot of service expansion has occurred. Many surgeries that used to be referred to JDWNRH are now performed here.

Audiology services commenced from 2019 with the help of audiologist.

Available services

OPD services

  • The OPD services encompasses screening and treating on daily basis from 9am to 3pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. OPD has registration room, two-roomed consultation chambers, with fully functional operating microscope and portable endoscope. The OPD also has education videos for patient education
  • The on-call services are available 24 hours/day for any emergency cases
  • Audiology services  are also provided in daytime OPD
  • Apart from routine services, ENT technicians provide primary ear care in schools, ‘shedras’, and remote communities.

In-patient and surgeries

The department has dedicated ward manned by trained nurses who look after treatment and surgical patients.

The most common surgery performed is tympanoplasty.


All the audiological services are rendered by a lone audiologist since 2019. Hearing aid meets the technical requirements and benefits the client, a hearing Aid is issued.  Universal newborn hearing screening since mid of 2022 using Oto-acoustic Emission (OAE) test

  • Audiological services available at present:
  • Pure tone Audiometry.
    • Immittance Audiometry.
    • Hearing aid trial, Fitting and Troubleshooting.
    • Oto acoustic Emission test.
    • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
    • Speech and language assessment and interventions.