Today on an auspicious 10th day of the 12th month of Iron Male Mouse Year, 23rd January 2021, Mongar Regional Referral Hospital formally welcomed the 38 year old Kelzang Tshering as the first ever Lam of the hospital. He was welcomed in a ceremony attended by Lam Neten, few Officials, Hospital Administration, Doctors, Unit In-Charges and other staff.

The appointment of Lam will greatly benefit in meeting the spiritual needs of the patients in their healing process. He will also benefit in meeting the spiritual needs of relatives and attendants during the time of deaths.

One thing every one of us do not wish to but ultimately faces is the Sickness and Death. While hospital is a center where we seek refuge in healing from sickness with allopathic and other forms of care, spiritual needs of the patients are an indispensable part in the process of healing and recovery. More so because we are predominantly a Buddhist country with deep rooted beliefs in invisible spirits as the cause of sickness and suffering. Thus, meeting the spiritual needs of the patients in the healing process is an indispensable part of our health care system.

The need for Lam in the hospital was long felt and discussed. With discussion at local level, and with subsequent appraisal and approval from Dratshang Lhentshog, HH The Jekhenpo and Ministry of Health, the prayers of the hospital has been finally answered with Mongar Dratshang appointing the new Lam. However, his formal joining to the hospital was delayed due to national Covid situation.

Brief biography of the Lam:

Lam Kelzang Tshering hails from Mongar Yakpogang. He had joined the Mongar Dratshang at the age of 6 in 1992. He then studied at current Kidheykhar Shedra from 2001 – 2005. From 2006 – 2011, he has mastered in Buddhist philosophy from Tango College of Buddhist Studies. After completion of his 3 years retreat at Chari (2012 – 2015), he served as senior teacher at current Kidheykhar Shedra and then as Umze (ceremonial master) at Nganglam, Pema Gatshel upon the command of His Holiness the Je Khenpo. Prior to appointment as the Hospital Lam, he served as Midhey Zhabtog Lam in Mongar.