His Holiness Namkhai Nyingpo Rincpoche consecrated the much awaited Sangay sMenlha and Ugyen sMenlha Phodrang at ERRH today on the 8th day of 3rd Bhutanese calendar. The day is considered as the day of Medicine Buddha wherein any merits accumulated or gained will be millionfold.
The structure was constructed with approximate budget of more than 4.5 million excluding the labor and materials contributed by many devout Jindas. Led by the administration and construction committee, many hospital staff contributed enormously both in cash and kind and labor during the off hours in completing the phodrang. The construction foundation was laid more than 2 years back but completion was delayed for significant time due to pandemic.
ERRH dedicate this sacred monument for all patients availing health services from this hospital to have spiritual fulfillment and have swift recovery from their illnesses and departed souls to be born in heavenly realm.
The construction committee would like to sincerely thank all those involved in this sacred project and solicit the same support and cooperation in the future.