Honorable Health Minister Her Excellency Lyonpo Dechen Wangmo today visited and met with staff and patients at Mongar Covid Hospital (former Royal Guest House). It’s a timely visit by a leader that immensely boosts the morale of staff amidst the rising cases in the east. No doubt it will also help patients in their healing and faster recovery.
Later her Excellency visited ERRH hospital and met with administration, HODs and In-Charges. Lyonpo thanked all healthcare workers for their dedicated service for the past two years during which the nation and health system in particular went through the unprecedented times in the Bhutanese history. She also shared the deep appreciation that His Majesty have for the healthcare workers. She said that healthcare workers have special space in His Majesty’s heart and we must do justice for this unique opportunity.
Lyonpo further elaborated that the main objective of Phase I of pandemic was to eliminate the virus to have zero cases . The Phase II aims at reducing the mortality to zero and therefore 90% of the responsibility befalls on health system and health workers by saving lives.
Dr. Tshokey, member of national TAG accompanying the minister shared that it is important for health workers to communicate properly with the patients as they provide the services. He highlighted that many a times patient are doubtful that they have not been seen by a doctor in the COVID-19 hospital since doctors, nurses and technicians look alike after donning into full PPEs. Unless communicated well patient has no opportunity to realize it.
Lyonpo concluded by saying it is up to us to end this fight against COVID-19 pandemic with devastation, frustration and failure or turn into a great success story and continue to occupy a space in His Majesty’s heart in the fight against this unseen enemy.