Five final year BSc. Nursing and Midwifery students of FNPH were at ERRH, Mongar from 6 to 30th May 2024 to conduct POCQI (Point of Care Quality Improvement) project. The POCQI training uses a generic case study (replacing the maternal-newborn case study) to facilitate learning of nurses and doctors from all specialties. For sustaining the changes, it has been incorporated into medical and nursing curriculum by KGUSMB.

The university has also developed a generic Total Quality Management (TQM) training package combining 2 days of training on National Quality Standards (BHSQA) and accreditation with 2 days training workshop on QI methodology based on the WHO Regional model of POCQI which was launched in 2016. Two batches of staff of ERRH from different disciplines have been trained since 2022 and have been carrying out QI projects.

The students were mentored and guided by the QI coach Dr. Sherab Wangdi, EP, mentor from FNPH, QA focal and other relevant officials. They made the presentation of their project and findings to the administration and relevant officials before leaving back to institution