We are deeply grateful for the support and assistance provided by the Disabled People’s Organization of Bhutan-DPO to one of our patients, Karma, who faces the challenges of living with special needs under the care of their parents who are farmers. In the face of chronic illness, the care and support needed extend beyond what hospitals can provide, and organizations like DPO step in to fill that gap.

Karma, hailing from one of the Mongar Gewogs, has never had the opportunity to attend school and struggles with verbal communication. Despite her parents’ dedication to her daily care, they have not sought medical assistance due to financial constraints, and with Karma’s siblings moving forward with their lives, the burden on her aging parents has grown heavier.

Recently, Karma was admitted to the orthopedic ward with sepsis stemming from a massive infected bedsores. While she receives medical treatment, including physiotherapy and nutritional supplements, and others which are supported by the orthopedic staff, the long-term care and support she needs prompted Dr. Kinzang Dorji, an Orthopedic Surgeon, and Dr. Tara Devi Laabar, a Lecturer at FNPH, KGUMSB, Thimphu, to coordinate with DPO @Disabled People’s Organization of Bhutan.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to DPO for their generous provision of Ngultrum Ten Thousand, an air mattress, and a disability-friendly commode for Karma. Their commitment doesn’t stop there; DPO has also agreed to provide ongoing financial assistance to Karma and her parents monthly.

This compassionate support from DPO underscores the importance involving NGOs in supporting individuals like Karma and their families through challenging times. We extend our sincerest thanks for their invaluable contribution to improving Karma’s quality of life and easing the burden on her devoted parents.