Their safety; Our concern.

The World Health Organization(WHO) has declared 17th September 2019 as the first world patient safety day, during 72nd world health assembly. The theme for this year is “Patient safety: a global health priority” and slogan is “Speak up for patient safety”.

In the view of its significance MRRH retrospectively celebrated first patient safety day on 28th September to emphasize and ensure patient safety is our utmost concern and responsibility of being a healthcare provider.The event is celebrated with all staff of hospital and graced by district health officer of Mongar as chief guest for this very important day. 

To create awareness on patient safety there were many presentations made including video presentation to understand patient safety measures in this hospital. The chart on various issues of patient safety was displayed for the audience, the chart were prepared as info-graphic on basic patient safety issue such as waste segregation, BUNDLE care, error prevention, patient safety goals and importance of checklist.

On the provision of platform to speak up for patient safety many speakers opined to maintain premium healthcare through safe practices so that the main purpose for service is not defeated and ensuring no one is harmed while seeking care. There will not be an important day as this day to speak up for the safety of clients who visit with esteem and profound trust on the service of the provider who is acquaint to them for the alleviation of pain and sickness.

The patient safety issue outlines many other other aspects than medicines, so fire and electrical safety unit of hospital demonstrated on safety related to fire and practical demonstration on proper usage of fire hydrants.

The safety of patients is our concern and hospital will ensure nobody’s safety is compromised in the calling of your service.

Reported by : Ugyen Dorji