Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) are the major contributors of mortality and morbidity globally. It is no different in our country.

It caused 53% of all deaths in 2019. As per WHO, It could have a deleterious impact on our economy and lives if urgent actions are not taken. We could land up spending millions on treatment of ever growing number of patients with NCDs. As such, under stewardship of Ministry of health PEN has been piloted in 4 districts for past couple of years and its geared up to implement in another 5 districts including Mongar in another one month. It is done with the technical and financial support from WHO with the partnership of KGUSMB and Mohs.
The journey of PEN HEARTS implementation in Mongar Dzongkhag begins with sensitization of our staff on NCDs along side a drill on the use of fire fighting equipment in 4 batches. It is targeted for our support staff and PEN non-practicing staff. A 4 days face to face training of HAs and doctors will happen starting 25th of this month and the next batch scheduled early next month. Lets pray that we could make a difference to the lives of our people with this up coming program.